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Looks like chivalry really is dead.

Please, please stop making out. Please. Plz.

If you've ever had a hangover, you probably felt like you were going to die and promised yourself you would never drink again. In fact,...

The Federal Student Aid agency just made a pretty big mistake and there are a lot of people up in arms about it...understandably. So...

Everyone has been there before. You have a test tomorrow or you're at home for the weekend. Tonight is going to be SO FUN,...

It's wedding season! As many of you Pinterest trolls are aware, the gorgeous outdoor (and outdoor-ish) weddings are in full swing and the rest...

Don and Tony (or Jamie Kilstein and John Frusciante) are right...Expendables III may have the potential to be "f*cking awesome" but where are all the...

Okay internet, let me tell you something: there's a new guy in my life, which means that all my organized crazy is coming out again....
College House Party

Did somebody say "vodka"?
Couple Flirting Kissing - Summer

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
College Relationships - Dating in College - College Couple

Dating in college doesn't have to be difficult.

Hey, C's get degrees!
College Students Going Clubbing

Big flashing lights, loud dance music, and well known DJs are the allure of nightclubs. Getting dressed up and fist pumping are great ways...
HTML Beer Glasses Uncommon Goods - Top

You may remember that a while back, we did a giveaway with UncommonGoods and told you about some of our favorite products that are...

Rough night last night? Well now it’s all about nursing yourself through that hangover. But nothing is worse than waking up to a slew...