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Cure Your Summer Boredom with “Brett and the City,” a New Web Series


On Tuesday, I was invited to an exclusive screening event in NYC. That screening party was for a new web series called Brett and the City, a hilarious tale of a young man named Brett who explores failed relationships and a miserable job as a copy machine salesman in New York City. I got a chance to see the first two episodes of the webseries, and I laughed out loud. Rather raucously. It was great, and I am not ashamed.

Brett from Brett and the City

Meet Brett.

I learned at the screening event that this concept originally started as a string of Facebook posts that became a blog series that received such great feedback they decided to bite the bullet and make it a web series! I absolutely adore everything Brett wears in the show (props to their stylist), and he’s just a great character from whom I’m anticipating a lot of growth and development. A great combination of social awkwardness and raunchy comedy, it’s a great mini show for you college folks out there!

Check out the first episode here! Brett and the City will release a new episode every week!


┬áJust, you know, don’t watch it with your parents. That might be awkward.

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