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The Extra Costs of Colleges


I’ve realized that before when I was applying to college, I had disillusioned myself into believing that college will cost me only what my books and tuition are worth. But now that I’ve actually had a couple semesters of college, I’ve realized there are tons of extra┬ácosts of college that I didn’t really think about in the beginning. Here’s an insightful infographic for all you soon-to-be-college freshman out there so that you have a better idea of what you’re paying for when you pick your college.

Infographic courtesy of dailyinfographic.com

Alex is a freshman transfer with a weakness for sweets at Johnson and Wales University. As a Baking and Pastry Arts major with a concentration in Food Service Entrepreneurship, eating food and feeding people are some of Alex's favorite things (second to enjoying some chocolate of course).


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